Strategy sessions are one-on-one calls with me that will help guide and focus your journey over the 30 days of the program. 
You will have an initial call before or during the first week of the program, one or two mid-program calls (depending on which level of the program your opted for) and one follow-up call once the 30 Days are complete.
You can book those sessions by clicking here

Each day you will receive an email containing the step of the day. Each step will take no more than 5 minutes to complete. I recommend doing them in the morning, and making it part of your routine for the month. To make sure I have your correct email information, please go here and fill out the form. 

For those of you who like worksheets and checklists-- I made one for you! You can download it here. (Totally optional-- designed to enhance the experience of people who are into this sort of thing.)

Group calls are an important part of the 30 First Steps process. Group calls for 30 First Steps 2017 are on Thursday evenings, at 7:15 Eastern Time. To join the group calls:

CALL-IN NUMBER: 605-475-4700
ACCESS CODE: 654962#

Dates for group calls are: January 26, February 2, February 9, and February 16. There will be a final group call on Tuesday, February 21 at 7:15pm. Group calls are, of course optional (I know you all have busy lives!) but I really hope you will make the effort to join. If you cannot join, no worries-- I will send a link to a recording of the call the following. day.

The 30 First Steps Facebook Group is a great way to stay in touch and get a daily boost of inspiration. You can join by clicking here. The group is also optional, but useful and fun! Please join if you are on Facebook. 

STEP ARCHIVE (updated weekly-ish):

Day 1: Say YES

Day 2: Build your altar

Day 3: Breathe

Day 4: Find your feet

Day 5: Move your body

Day 6: Get one thing done

Day 7: Let the light in

Day 8: Smile!

Day 9: Set something free

Day 10: Make it fancy!

Please call, text, or email me if you have additional questions! I am so looking forward to this adventure with you!