I am a full time professional intuitive consultant, coach, and healer. I assist people in transformation. I can help you get out of your own way, in order to see yourself more clearly, love yourself more completely, and live your life more creatively, all while having more fun than you might currently imagine possible.

How do I do this? The simple answer is, it's a little bit complicated. 

I have a number of innate talents that help reveal those secret, hidden (and sometimes hard-to-love) shadow aspects, the gentle witnessing of which is pivotal to true integration. I've spent the past two decades, the better half of my life, developing them. I am clairaudient (hear things), clairvoyant (see things), profoundly empathic (feel ALLLL the things) and can see and move energy (yes, even if we are in different parts of the world). I also have mediumship abilities (I see dead people, although I much prefer to focus on the living/breathing/corporeal), can channel, and sometimes--just for fun--I read minds and dream prophetic dreams. (I have long identified as an Indigo Child, if that language speaks to you.)

For the two decades, I've supplemented these gifts by developing skills that I find both useful and fun: Tarot, with its brilliance, clarity, and seemingly uncanny accuracy, has been my main focus;  I am a Certified Professional Tarot Reader (granted by the Tarot Certification Board of America) . In 2013, I discovered the profound transformative power of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and am now a certified teacher. I am attuned to Reiki (Master Teacher Level) and versed in shamanic healing techniques. I can calculate your numerology, read your face and palms, analyze your dreams, and interpret a sizable chunk of your astrology chart. 

If I have learned anything though, it’s that these talents and skills don't amount to much unless my human heart is involved. Truly: My most important qualification, the source of my ability to help others, is that I am deeply, profoundly, awfully human. I became a single mother at 20 and learned how to love from what feels like ground zero. I spent most of my life feeling like a super weirdo, and waded clumsily through layers of rage and depression. I have encountered and navigated a seemingly countless array of defenses and stories and misunderstandings, and sought (and sometimes found!) a wild variety of solutions, cures, remedies, and revelations. As transcendent as I've gotten, there's always a voice within me insisting "I am a person."

This all adds up to the ability to meet you where you are, help you see what you might be missing, and guide you in getting to where you want to be. 

My goals for you are the same as my goals for myself. I want us to willfully engage the truth when we encounter it and to meet our fears with courage, curiosity and a willingness to fail. Simply, to evolve.

What else should you know about me?  

I spend a little bit of most days with my clients. (Except Mondays. No Mondays. Mondays are my Sacred Day of Flow.) I teach and do intuitive Tarot readings from my home and out in public and on the radio (94.3/97.3 The Wolf in the Hudson Valley) and on a great podcast (Hey You Know It, available on iTunes) and at Metta Center for Conscious Living and the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in the Hudson Valley. I have a dedicated yoga practice that I’ve finally started to love after many years and teach a weekly kundalini yoga class at Sacred Space in Red Hook.

I love hip hop music and stand up comedy. To stay sane I make art. (I draw frogs-- soon to star in their very own Tarot deck-- and auras and make elaborate costume headpieces.) 

I am awestruck at least a little every day, most often by the kindness of strangers and the beauty of the sky.

I spend a lot of time making sure I don't spill water on my laptop. (And then interpreting the metaphysical symbolism of statements like that.)

So far, the great loves of my life are my son, the Tarot, kundalini yoga, my crazy-amazing cats, the seasonal staff at the Omega Institute, and dancing in the rain.

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Official Bio (for media use)

Marcy Currier is an artist, healer, yogi, and intuitive consultant, here to help you see yourself more clearly, love yourself more completely, and have a surprising amount of fun in the process. For the past two decades, Marcy has immersed herself in the study of archetypes, imagery, and symbols. A natural empath, medium, and channel, she is trained in a variety of healing techniques and is a professionally certified Tarot card reader, reiki master, and kundalini yoga teacher. She is committed to bringing out the brilliant genius that resides in everyone, and to guiding people in their encounters with Truth.

Marcy offers private coaching, intuitive Tarot readings, and empathic energy healing, and leads classes and workshops on Tarot, intuitive development, creativity, and personal transformation. She is the founder of Metamorphosis: Mystical Insight & Evolutionary Support, and a member of the Holistic Studies Faculty at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. She is a frequent guest on Wakin' Up with Cj and Jess (listen in on 94.3/97.3FM The WOLF) and The Morning Grind with Brandi and Nick (92.7/96.9FM WRRV), and the Resident Intuitive on the Hey You Know It Podcast, available on iTunes.

When she’s not working with clients or laughing with her son, Marcy is hard at work on the Mystical Frog Tarot or producing mind-expanding arts and entertainment events. Sometimes, she's just evolving.

Official Bio (short version)

Marcy Currier  is an artist, healer, Tarot card reader, intuitive consultant, and Kundalini Yoga teacher who helps people realize their potential through joy, creativity, and the abandonment of bullsh*t. She has dedicated more than 20 years to the engagement of archetypes, imagery, and symbols, and has been a member of the Holistic Studies Faculty at the Omega Institute for the past ten. Find out more about classes, events, and private sessions at www.metamarcy.com.

Marcy is also available for wedding ministry, speaking engagements, public events, stage shows, and event emceeing, as well as special event design and personalized retreat development. To book a consult about any of these things, click here. For more about Marcy, click here.


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Facebook: www.facebook.com/MetamorphosisHealing
Tumblr: www.metamarcy.tumblr.com
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All booking for individual sessions can be done online using the BOOK NOW link above. Appointments are for phone sessions, unless otherwise specified and confirmed.
Please review Services & Rates page before booking, to be sure you have booked the session that is appropriate for you.

Most sessions will take place over the phone, unless explicitly specified otherwise. If you have questions about how a phone session can work, you might find this overview of what to expect helpful.
For all phone sessions: Marcy will call you within 7 minutes of the scheduled time on the number provided in your booking agreement. Please ensure that the number provided is the number where you will be available, and inform Marcy of any changes as soon as possible.
Important note: Prior to our call, please take a moment to get centered and present. At the time of the call, it is important that you are comfortable and away from distractions. If I call you and you are in the middle of something-- cooking dinner, babysitting your niece, filing your taxes, debating politics on Facebook, whatever-- the session will be suspended, and we will reschedule for another time. I have a zero tolerance policy on this, for your own best interest. Your willingness to set aside this time to be fully present is a necessary indication of your dedication to yourself and to your process.

In-person sessions are 50 minutes, unless otherwise specified. If you choose to use a portion of a pre-purchased phone package, the session time is reduced from one full hour to the 50 minutes allotted for in-person sessions. Payment is required at time of booking. Location varies. You will receive a confirmation email by the Friday before your session containing the location address, as well as the date and time of your appointment. Sessions are booked back-to-back, which means that any additional time cannot be accommodated if you are late. Please plan accordingly and plan to arrive a few minutes early for your appointment.
See CANCELLATIONS policy for additional information below.

Gift certificates may be purchased for individual sessions and 4-session series, as well as any program or package offered throughout the year. Gift certificates are good for up to 6 months from date of purchase. If the recipient does not redeem their gift certificate, that session may be used by the purchaser. 
To redeem a gift certificate, the recipient simply sends an email to that effect to marcy@metamarcy.com. 

Cancellation policy for phone sessions: 48-hour cancellation notice is preferred. Less than 24-hour notice and/or repeated cancellations may result in the forfeiture of your session, as will no-shows and day-of cancellations. Short-notice cancellations may also result in a delay in re-booking as my schedule tends to book up at least a couple of weeks in advance. 

Cancellation policy for in-person sessions: Payment is required at time of booking. Cancellations or changes should be made no later than 5pm the Wednesday prior to your scheduled session, unless otherwise specified. Missed appointments will be charged the full price of the session and can be made up via phone within 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, a $25 rescheduling fee applies.

I do not offer refunds. Package and program purchases are final, and indicate a commitment to the process. Packages and programs are non-transferrable, and cannot be pro-rated. Refunds will not be given for missed appointments or unused portions of packages or programs. Due to the nature of this work, I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS of any kind. Resistance, challenge, projection, and frustration are just some of a number of common stumbling blocks that are bound to come up during the process of our work together. Most of these issues can be met with good communication and a commitment to resolution. In the (rare) case of a need for early termination of a package or program, every effort will be made to find an equitable solution. Cash refunds are not an option. 

ALL RESTRICTIONS and LIMITATIONS, including blackout dates, are at the sole discretion of Marcy and the Metamorphosis Team.

Code of Ethics


I will perform all readings in line with the intention to serve the continued expansion and evolution of human consciousness, and with strong adherence to principles of Truth, Love, Acceptance, and Non-Judgment, to the very best of my ability.


I will honor the light and wisdom of all individuals and, in my practice, will serve all clients equally, without bias, according to the highest good.  I will not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.


I will ensure clear communication regarding fees for my services before each session.  All fees will be assessed with the highest of integrity, and no individual will be encouraged to pay more than he or she can afford. If an individual cannot afford my services, I will make every effort to direct her or him to additional resources.



I am aware of the sensitive and personal nature of the information that may come through during a reading, and will take care to honor and respect the privacy of each client.  I will never share a client's information without consent, or discuss our work (or even the fact that we have worked together) with a third party.  I make no attempt to access information that is beyond the scope of my role as reader.



I will answer all questions honestly and to the best of my ability.  If I am unclear or unable to respond to a particular question, I will share this with the client immediately. I will never intentionally deceive a client (or anyone) in any way.



I will address all issues presented to me directly and clearly.  I will not misrepresent myself, my abilities, or the level of information that I receive.  I will never exploit the perceived position of power or influence conveyed through the reader/querent relationship, and will do my best to transmute any such perception.  I will remind each client of his or her own power, agency, and responsibility in making choices and creating his or her personal experience of reality.



I will support each client to the best of my ability, within my area of expertise and in line with the guidance presented to me.  I will suggest alternate professional services (e.g. medical, psychological, legal, etc.) and will provide referrals to such services whenever appropriate and/or possible.



In order to provide the best and most effective service possible, I will maintain a regular practice of meditation, energetic cleansing, and self-inquiry.  I will continue to develop a network for support, reflection, and supervision.  I will engage in continued exploration of Tarot, metaphysics, mysticism, and the nuances of human consciousness.  I will seek to expand my own awareness and deepen my personal relationship with the divine in every possible moment.