Code of Ethics


I will perform all readings in line with the intention to serve the continued expansion and evolution of human consciousness, and with strong adherence to principles of Truth, Love, Acceptance, and Non-Judgment, to the very best of my ability.


I will honor the light and wisdom of all individuals and, in my practice, will serve all clients equally, without bias, according to the highest good.  I will not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.


I will ensure clear communication regarding fees for my services before each session.  All fees will be assessed with the highest of integrity, and no individual will be encouraged to pay more than he or she can afford. If an individual cannot afford my services, I will make every effort to direct her or him to additional resources.



I am aware of the sensitive and personal nature of the information that may come through during a reading, and will take care to honor and respect the privacy of each client.  I will never share a client's information without consent, or discuss our work (or even the fact that we have worked together) with a third party.  I make no attempt to access information that is beyond the scope of my role as reader.



I will answer all questions honestly and to the best of my ability.  If I am unclear or unable to respond to a particular question, I will share this with the client immediately. I will never intentionally deceive a client (or anyone) in any way.



I will address all issues presented to me directly and clearly.  I will not misrepresent myself, my abilities, or the level of information that I receive.  I will never exploit the perceived position of power or influence conveyed through the reader/querent relationship, and will do my best to transmute any such perception.  I will remind each client of his or her own power, agency, and responsibility in making choices and creating his or her personal experience of reality.



I will support each client to the best of my ability, within my area of expertise and in line with the guidance presented to me.  I will suggest alternate professional services (e.g. medical, psychological, legal, etc.) and will provide referrals to such services whenever appropriate and/or possible.



In order to provide the best and most effective service possible, I will maintain a regular practice of meditation, energetic cleansing, and self-inquiry.  I will continue to develop a network for support, reflection, and supervision.  I will engage in continued exploration of Tarot, metaphysics, mysticism, and the nuances of human consciousness.  I will seek to expand my own awareness and deepen my personal relationship with the divine in every possible moment.