No matter what you are going through, I have a million and one ways to help! Or at least 7. Somewhere in there. 

Here are a couple of starting points:



BASIC SESSION: Transformational Healing Session with Marcy             $225

This is a standard session for anyone not enrolled in a package or coaching program. Includes in-depth Tarot, intuitive guidance, channeled messages, and distance energy work. I may also recommend complementary modalities, journal exercises, "homework," and/or a follow-up session.

FIRST TIMERS ONLY: Introductory Session with Marcy                           $150

Strictly limited to first-time clients, as an introduction to my work. This session includes an extended Tarot overview with time for your specific questions and some energy work. 


READING SERIES                                                                            $500

By far my favorite way to work, a reading series is four 50-minute sessions spaced out over time. 

*It is important to note that there are no refunds and the package cannot be 

Think of this as one long reading over an extended period of time. 

Looking for more? I also offer an in-depth coaching program, a variety of specialty sessions, hands on healing, project-based support for artists and creatives, individualized Tarot instruction, online programs, and classes and events around the country. Continue on to find out more!