The skills, resources, and experience to help you activate your deepest purpose and your highest truth for your greatest transformation.

Get unstuck. Have more fun. Become more YOU.


Whatever your current trial or desired transformation, Marcy can help you access your innate gifts to navigate the ups and downs with grace, courage, and more humor than you might think possible. One-on-one consultations, coaching packages, and comprehensive healing services in person throughout the Hudson Valley and NYC, and worldwide via phone and video chat. 

Looking for something special for your next function? Tarot card readings are an unforgettable addition to any gathering. From an intimate get-together of close friends to a costumed extravaganza of 500 (or more!), and anything in between, Marcy provides up-beat, on-point readings in a variety of formats to to provide you and your guests with an experience that is equal parts authentic and entertaining.

If your curiosity is drawing you toward the tools of transformation, then it's time for some experiential coursework! Along with Tarot mentorship, Marcy offers one-day classes, multi-session workshops, a range of online courses, and specially designed retreat programs combining Tarot, metaphysics, yoga, and creativity for healing and evolution. 


The Lily Pad, located at 7345 South Broadway in Red Hook, NY

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