Marcy Currier is an artist, healer, yogi, and intuitive consultant, here to help you see yourself more clearly, love yourself more completely, and have a surprising amount of fun in the process. For the past two decades, Marcy has immersed herself in the study of archetypes, imagery, and symbols. A natural empath, medium, and channel, she is trained in a variety of healing techniques and is a professionally certified Tarot card reader, reiki master, and kundalini yoga teacher. She is committed to bringing out the brilliant genius that resides in everyone, and to guiding people in their encounters with Truth.

Marcy offers private coaching, intuitive Tarot readings, and empathic energy healing, and leads classes and workshops on Tarot, intuitive development, creativity, and personal transformation. She is the founder of Metamorphosis: Mystical Insight & Evolutionary Support, and a member of the Holistic Studies Faculty at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. She is a frequent guest on Wakin' Up with Cj and Jess (listen in on 94.3/97.3FM The WOLF) as well as 101.5 WPDH and 96.9 WRRV, and is the Resident Intuitive on the Hey You Know It Podcast.

When she’s not working with clients, performing at events, or laughing with her son, Marcy is hard at work on the Mystical Frog Tarot. Sometimes, she's just evolving.

Official Bio (short version)

Marcy Currier is an artist, healer, Tarot card reader/teacher, intuitive consultant, and Kundalini Yoga instructor who helps people realize their potential through joy, creativity, and the abandonment of bullsh*t. She has dedicated more than 20 years to the engagement of archetypes, imagery, and symbols, and has been a member of the Holistic Studies Faculty at the Omega Institute for the past decade. Find out more about classes, events, and private sessions at

Marcy is also available for wedding ministry, speaking engagements, public events, stage shows, and event emceeing, as well as special event design and personalized retreat development. To book a consult about any of these things, click here. For more about Marcy, click here.