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30 days, 30 steps
From here to where you want to be...

Daily steps via email. Weekly group calls. Infinite possibilities.

30 First Steps includes weekly group calls on Tuesdays at 7:15 Eastern time. Group call dates are:
-January 23
-January 30
-February 6
-February 13
-February 20
-February 27

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  

That’s what my friend Lao Tzu says all the time.  (Seriously.  He won’t stop talking about it.) 

But wait.  What if you took THIRTY steps?  That might actually blow your entire mind. Or at the very least, get you thirty paces closer to wherever you are going.

And what if, WHAT IF, you took those thirty steps with a bunch of other amazing people who were ALSO taking thirty steps AND you were all doing that under the guidance of a first-rate intuitive healer who has your brightest, most joyful and outstanding self in her field of vision at all times?

THAT would be THIS:

30 FIRST STEPS 2018: It's time for a re-boot!
January 21— February 20, 2018

We are all familiar with the standard process for making big changes.  It’s not a bad idea in theory: set a goal + do the thing = you are harder, better, faster, stronger/your life is changed for the better.  But sometimes the “I’m over here, how do I get over there?” question is a doozy.  And if the path looks too long or winding or pothole-filled, the whole thing can get a little too daunting and it’s easy to convince ourselves that “over there” is just a little too far away to be worth it.

So how about this: Let’s forget about “there” for a moment. 
Instead: Let’s focus on the STEPS.  If we just take the steps, it stands to reason we will arrive at our destination.  And we can skip the part where we freak out about how big everything is, and how far away our goal is, and how we are never in a million years going to make it. Because everyone knows that taking one single measly step is a piece of cake.  Plus, I’m going to help!

We start with the basics: At the beginning and end of the 30 days, I will spend some one-on-one time with you, and we will figure out how to make your plans, goals, and dreams for 2018 a reality.  Every day in between, you will receive an email with a step to take.  (I’ll also offer you some options for skips and twirls or giant leaps-- those will always be up to you.) Each week, you'll have an opportunity to talk to the other people taking those steps. When all is said and done, we will assess your progress and figure out where to go from there.

Some steps you will love.  Some you might hate.  Some you may care nothing for either way.  All of this is ok— this month is about taking steps, and discovering which steps are taking you somewhere you want to go.

Nothing I suggest will be more than you can handle.  (In fact, each day’s step will take no longer than 5 minutes.)

And don’t worry— I know you’re busy! Everything I suggest will be designed to enhance and make easier everything else you already have going on.

How’s that sound?  If you are into it, get in touch so we can talk details and schedule your initial strategy session.

If you know for sure you’re in, you can go here to make your purchase and schedule your sessions with me now!

To recap, this program includes:

  • Intuitive guidance on the creation of an action plan in your area of interest
  • 2 one-on-one sessions with me: One strategy session at the beginning, and one follow-up in February
  • Daily email assignments, suggestions, tip, tricks, and ideas designed to help you invite new possibilities and opportunities as you implement your action plan
  • Optional weekly group calls
  • Email and phone support throughout the month
  • Options for ongoing support throughout the year

Program options:

BIG LEAPS            $495
2 1-hour sessions plus 2 20-minute support sessions, emails and group calls, and on-going support.

BABY STEPS        $297
One-on-one sessions are 20 minutes, with one mid-program check-in session.

Emails and group calls: $78

Emails only: $49

Want to know more? Check out a sample step here.

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