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YOUR CHARIOT AWAITS: Tarot Workshop in Philadelphia

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YOUR CHARIOT AWAITS: A Care and Maintenance Guide for Humans

In the Tarot, card #7, the Chariot, represents your vehicle for creative expansion and spiritual growth. Whether you find yourself stuck in one place or in danger of careening out of control (or rolling along just fine thankyouverymuch), Your Chariot Awaits: A Care and Maintenance Guide for Humans will get you into the driver’s seat feeling cool and collected, ready for the road ahead. Join us for a lively exploration of how we navigate life’s twists and turns. Topics covered:

• Where do you go when there is no "there"?:  Thoughts on Journey vs. Destination

• Bozos on the Bus:  A guided meditation for enjoying the ride

• Desire + Will = Acceleration:  The Magic of Making Things Happen

• Navigating the Terrain:  Passing lanes and Roadblocks on the Highway of Life

• Riding Shotgun, Holding the Map:  How your inner passenger can help or hinder progress

• 'Til the Wheels Come Off:  Making the most of this one life

What to expect: Some Tarot instruction and discussion, guided visualization, pair and small group exercises, time for reflection.  
Bring with you: Tarot cards  (if you have them-- extra decks will be availabe for use), your journal or a notebook and something to write with. 

This is an interactive, experiential workshop, appropriate for all levels from newbie to long-time professional and everything in between.