Marcy offers a variety of individual sessions, multi-session packages, and individualized intuitive coaching programs. All are designed for your empowerment. In addition to standard sessions and packages, a number of limited-time sessions, or readings based on specific topics are available at various points throughout the year. Check back here often for updates!




Throw-it-all-at-the-wall 2018/2019 transition Reading

Was 2018 especially challenging for you?? Are you here at the brink of the New Year thinking "WTF was that all about?" Are you ready to put 2018 fully behind you and dive headfirst into what's next? Why not spend an afternoon (or a morning or an evening) with me and do exactly that?

This 3-hour intensive includes:

--2018 Year-In-Review Tarot reading
--Intuitive energy healing focused on releasing the past
--2019 Numerology forecast
--What's next? Intuitive Tarot and Divination
--Personalized Tarot-based meditation and or/yoga kriya
--Includes free 20-minute follow-up call

Half-day Intensive (3 hours, can be divided into two sessions): $360

90 minute mini-version: $225


2019 Numerology forecast

Take a look at your personal numbers for 2018 and 2019, identify the particular transition you are experiencing at this time, and explore what that means within the context of current universal energies.

50 minutes: $100