What to Expect

I am an empath, an intuitive healer, a channel, and a medium. I use Tarot cards and a variety of intuitive techniques to see and move energy in order to help you have a clearer, more complete understanding of what's happening in your life. Whatever your level of experience or comfort with these things, you will find that my approach is straightforward, practical, and accessible. The important thing is that I am here to help, and I will do whatever is in my power to aid in your transformation. I will always be honest. I will always be clear. I will always be kind. My aim is to be of service to you and the emergence of your best self, in whatever way I can.

If you have not yet scheduled your first session, click Book Now and select either “Introductory Session“ or "Transformational Healing Session.” Choose the date and time that work best for you. You will be asked to fill out a brief form, and to supply your name, email, and phone number.

To prepare for our session, you may find it helpful to spend a few moments reflecting on your intention or the specific questions you have. A brief meditation just prior to the start time is also helpful for focus and concentration, but certainly not necessary. If there is a particular ritual that you enjoy, feel free to do it. In fact, do whatever you think will stimulate a willingness to be present and receptive during our time together.

To get the most out of your time with me, it is best to make sure that you are in a comfortable space, ideally at home and away from people, free from distractions.  Driving a car or watching a small child, for example, are both things that (from experience) are not conducive to a clear and focused reading. (Watching a small child drive a car is also not good). If something comes up, and it turns out that you will be unavoidably distracted during our scheduled time, please let me know as soon as possible and we will find another time to meet.

I will call you at the number you provided at your selected start time. Please allow a window of up to 7 minutes from that start time for me to call. I always make an effort to call exactly on time, but occasionally the session before yours will run over slightly or something small will come up (like a much needed bathroom break). I promise I have not forgotten our session, nor am I taking your time lightly. If for some reason you have not heard from me by 7 after, it means something weird has happened--  a scheduling mishap, or I have the incorrect contact info, or I have temporarily left this dimension and am late returning.  In any case, if the clock keeps ticking and I have not called you, please get in touch with me right away, either by texting me at 860-823-8605 or sending a quick email to marcy@metaMarcy.com.

Note: If I call you and you are in the middle of doing things-- cooking dinner, babysitting your niece, filing your taxes, debating politics on Facebook, whatever-- I will end the session.  Because I believe in you and know that your commitment is a vital part of our work together, I have a zero tolerance policy on this. Your willingness to set aside this one block of time to really, as we say in the business “drop in”, is a necessary indication of your dedication to yourself and to your process.

Once we are on the phone, you will have the opportunity to tell me a little bit about yourself, and share where you see yourself in your current evolutionary process. This is not required, but you will likely find it helpful and clarifying. We may chat briefly about what’s happening in your life and the things that are most prominently on your mind. I will want to hear about your fears, your sticking points, and the things that are driving you nuts, as well as your accomplishments, your desires, your goals for yourself. The more direct, clear, candid, honest you choose to be with me, the more present and helpful I can be for you.

Before we start the reading, I am going to ask you to take some deep breaths, and to say your first and last name out loud three times. While you do this, I will be taking a look at your energetic structure, and will do some subtle energy work to help you connect--  with yourself, with the planet, with the cosmos, with me. I may also lead you through some gentle physical movements to help get the energy flowing. Any information or impressions I receive during this time, I will share with you.

The reading is the core of our work together. It consists of four main parts: the Chakra Scan, the Life Overview, The Question and Answer Section, and your Final Card.

  • Chakra Scan: First, I consult the cards on each of your chakras. This gives us a sense of what’s going on in the seven major aspects of yourself and your life. It can reveal keys to your system and process as a whole, or provide basic advice regarding how to operate. It can also help determine priorities and/or show you what’s up on a fundamental level.

  • Life Overview: Here, I lay the cards out in a Tarot spread to create a broad energetic snapshot of your current life situation to see what aspects of yourself, assets and challenges both, that most want your awareness. It generally works like a conversation: I will share information, ask questions, seek your input and you, in turn are invited to provide information, make connections, or request clarification as needed. The more engaged and curious you are, the better!

  • Question and Answer Section: Once the core issues have been determined by the Life Overview, we will take some time to consult the cards on any specific or practical questions you have. It's a good time to clarify and address any questions lingering from the overview portion, and also dive into anything that hasn’t come up yet. Once again, the more curious you are about yourself, the better. Don't be afraid to ask “stupid” questions. Quite often, the questions we doubt the most are powerful questions!

  • Final Card: At the end of the reading, I will pull a final card for you, to sum up the reading and provide you with something to think about going forward. I will offer you a meditation or mantra based on this card’s meaning, and will send you an image of the card.

To conclude the session, I will usually suggest supplemental activities for you: healing modalities, spiritual practices, yoga exercises, journal topics, and methods for integration. Depending on the content of the reading, I might also tell you about or recommend additional sessions or reading packages.

NOTES ON RECORDING THE SESSION: It is best not to write while I am talking-- it takes you out of a fully receptive state and inhibits my ability to conduct the reading fluidly. As an alternative, I WILL record and send an mp3 of the session, which you will receive within 2 weeks (usually less) following our session. I will also email or text you images of the cards as they come up. If something is REALLY pressing, I will ask you to say “I would like to write that down,” so I can pause the reading and then start again once your pen or pencil (or crayon or paintbrush) is down. It's also a great idea to set aside 20 minutes or so after our session to journal and record your memories or impressions.

AFTERWARDS: A reading with me is much more than just a phone conversation. It’s a powerful energetic healing and so it’s normal to feel “different” when it’s done. Often, it takes time to integrate the information and for the energetic transmission to take place. Remember to take it easy, rest if you need to, hydrate, and be gentle with yourself. (Which is all just good advice in general, but especially important here.)